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Captain Ken


King Salmon Charters

Captain Ken can get you on some huge Salmon. If you have never landed one of these you will get a thrill of a life time on one of our guided trips.

King Salmon Charters

Lake Ontario Charter Fishing Trips

Lake Ontario Charter Fishing Trips


Salmon migrate in to the rivers and streams of Lake Ontario where they have grown to 20-40 punds in 4 years and are ready to spawn. Salmon fishing within 5 minutes to 2 hours from Rochester is amazing if you know where to go and Captain Ken and his team can put you there.








Rochester Salmon Fishing

Rochester Salmon FishingWe provide full and half-day trips to the Genesee River, Salmon River and many other secret spots. Adult salmon vary in size from 33 to 42 inches but can reach up to 58 inches in length. In lakes, rivers, and streams in New York Kings average 15 to 35 pounds (and a handful or line breakers over 40) but in Alaska can grow upwards of 120 plus pounds. Chinook salmon may spend from 3 to 5 years in Lake Ontario feasting on alewives, smelt and other fish before returning to their home rivers to spawn. Chinook Salmon spawn between September and December and that is when the fishing gets exciting.





Salmon fishing around Rochester NY

Chinook were first stocked in Lake Michigan is the late 1960’s then introduced to Lake Ontario in serious numbers in the 1970s and numbers have varied since then. Today NY State and Ontario Canada stock about 2.3 million fish each year in to Lake Ontario.

Salmon fishing around Rochester NY










Salmon Charters Salmon River - Guides Salmon River

However it appears the salmon are actually reproducing as well possibly doubling the amount of Salmon in Lake Ontario. Notably the Salmon River may be the source of natural reproduction. Good news for all us anglers. Crowded and painfully so during the peak for the run, we can provide a flota trip to miss the crowds. Get in so real action in a less crowded part of the river on one of our weekend excursions.

Salmon Charters - Salmon River Guides










Salmon Fishing Rochester

Let’s Catch Fish provides King Salmon charters and experienced Salmon fishing guides visiting all the hot spots such as the Genesee river, Oak Orchard, Oswego, Niagara river and the Salmon river where they are found in abundance.

Salmon Fishing Rochester










Salmon Fishing Guides - Float Trips for Salmon

Salmon fishing guide Registered NYS guide Ken Strimple has years of experience catching and guiding for Salmon. He actually gets just as excited helping a client land a 30 pounder as he would if he caught it himself. “The idea is to have fun, teach a little or a lot about techniques and obviously as our name states “Let’s Catch Fish”.

Float Trips for Salmon










Salmon Fishing Genesee River

There are several excellent areas to fish for King Salmon in and around Rochester. The Genesee River holds some of the largest Chinook salmon in the region. Some what difficult to fish from shore, as access is limited to the lower falls section and the side of the gorge are steep and rocky. But several opportunities to float the river or motor up and park on the far side of the power plant for some shore fishing where the crowds are rare and there is much more room to cast with fly or spinning gear..

Salmon Fishing Genesee River












Trophy Salmon NY

Once you feel the power of a fresh King salmon you will understand why so many people love to catch these bruts. Let’s Catch Fish guides provide world class fishing experiences. “When I fish I want a guide that understands my skill level and fills in where I need some help” stated one recent client. We want you to have the best experience possible. We do this and have been guiding for so many years, understand the local water so all you need to do is communicate if we are trying to help too much. We are passionate about this sport and want to share our knowledge with you.


Trophy Salmon



Monster Salmon in NY

Oh yes we grow them big and the cost to fish, well it is a heck of a lot cheaper that flying to Alaska. The NY record for Salmon is 47 lb. 13 oz. caught by Kurtis Killian in 1991 on the Salmon River. One personal best of 40 plus pounds where I could barely get my hand all the way around the tail brings back some clear memories of the smiles and laughter salmon fishing can deliver.

Monster Salmon in NY












Fly Fishing Gear for Salmon

Big fish mean sizing your tackle to control these guys but not too big to take the fun out. So a good 8-10 wt medium fly rod should be fine (for most of these salmon). We have spare rods should you happen to have an issue with your equipment – like break a rod in half trying to control one of the trophy size salmon we encounter each year. Bouncing egg patterns in varying colors is an effective tactic. Egg sucking leaches, stone flys, sponge on the right day I have caught salmon of bead heads. If they are hot and excited they will snap at anything (the correct color) that get near their face. The key is to get the fly or bait in front of these fish. When the river is full of fish it can be pretty easy.

Fly Fishing Gear for Salmon



Lake Ontario Fishing Charters

Just before the spawn King salmon bunch up at the mouth of the streams and rivers. We have a perfect opportunity to catch some really large fish. Book a day and we can see what a truly fresh Chinook salmon feels like when they are all charged up for the spawn.




Spin fishing gear for King Salmon

We can and do provide everything you will need (fishing gear) to have a great day. If you have personal fishing equipment you would like to bring just let us know. But do bring a camera, rain and cold weather clothing. Bring your lunch and plenty of drinks catching huge salmon can and will wear you out!



Steelhead Fishing in New York – Rainbow Trout Fishing

 Some of the best steelhead fishing in the world is found in the Rochester NY region. Our state record is 31 pounds 3 Steelhead Fishing in Rochester New Yorkounces! Caught by Rob Wilson on August 14 2004 At Olcott, N.Y


Brown Trout Fishing in New York


Brown Trout Fishing in Rochester NYThe Brown Trout prefers slightly stained cool water with minimum current over rock or sandy bottoms with heavy cover.










Manny Medeiros caught an awesome 30 inch (17 pound) Female Brown Trout. This monster Brown trout took a size 8 stone fly under a strike indicator. It was caught on a 5/6 weight fly rod with and eight pound test leader. He caught this Brown trout November 7th...

Brown Trout Fishing










Sport Fishing Rochester New York

Sport Fishing in Rochester New YorkSport Fishing...

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